Keeping the exterior of your home clean is something that should never be ignored.  Yearly power washing and house washing is something that should be scheduled once a year to keep your home dirt and most importantly mold free.  a-1 cLEANING sOLUTIONS Attacks the mold on your home and property at its roots instantly killing it at the source.  Our power washing techniques involves the use of bio degradable detergents specifically designed to combat and destroy mold and mildew.  Failing to remove the mold from your home will not only cost you more money in the future, it could have unseen health effects on your body as well.  Mold and mildew usually attack your homes exterior with the least amount of sun.  Once the starts, it will quickly spread to other areas of your home.  Pressure Washing your home and property on a yearly basis will prevent the regrowth of any infesting mold keeping it fresh and clean.  Using the proper solutions and detergents is crucial in ensuring that the mold has been fully exterminated and removed.  a-1 cLEANING sOLUTIONS offers discounted rates for clients who schedule their yearly house cleaning in advance.  The small yearly cost to keep your home clean is not only protecting one of your largest investments, it’s protecting you and your families health. ​
When you hear someone talk about power washing or pressure washing their home, you automatically think the more pressure on a surface the more clean it will get right?  Well that actually couldn’t be more wrong!  When power washing any surface, especially your home, you must be very careful with the amount of pressure you use or permanent damage can and will occur.  Using high pressure when power washing your home is something that should never be done.  Using to much pressure can cause visible damage to your homes siding  that is ugly and irreversible.  The proper, safest, and most effective method of power washing your home is a process called soft washing.  Soft washing involves the use of environmentally safe soap detergents along with low pressure power washing methods to completely rid the mold from your home with zero damage.  Using only pressure to remove the mold from your home will not remove the roots from the mold which will cause further future growth.  Using the soft Washing method along with the proper detergent will not only remove the mold, it will kill the roots that are attached to your home.  Killing the mold roots will guarantee a mold free home up to one year or possibly longer.  

Deck Cleaning

Surface Cleaning Service


Your sidewalk is quite possibly one of the first things your home or business presents to visitors, shaping a customer's or friend's perception of you. The benefit of having a clean sidewalk i that it improves the value of your home or business.

Who wants to have a dirty, stained sidewalk or walkway leading to your doorway? Cleaning your sidewalk when you first notice stains or even mildew minimizes the chance of permanent stains on the sidewalk. The high pressure process we use, with or without heat, can remove all surface stains such as oil stains, gum, mildew, tire tracks and etc. With regular cleaning the appearance of your home or business will be enhanced and will help you to create that great first impression for your business or home.



Vinyl fencing has became very popular among home owners. With the many different design choices available, it's versatile and affordable.

Homeowners found that flexibility of vinyl makes it a good choice in places that are prone to extreme weather conditions. Most vinyl fencing today are strong and do not require wood inside to hold them up. Vinyl is five times stronger than wood. Wood is more likely to break due to wear and tear and exposure.
​​Deck Cleaning is very important in maintaining and controlling the look of your deck.  Failing to conduct any deck cleaning on a yearly basis can result in ugly mold and mildew that will ultimately harm and deteriorate your wood or composite deck.  A-1 Cleaning Solutions offers professional deck cleaning and power washing services for all your exterior cleaning needs.  When it actually comes to cleaning your deck, it is very important to use the proper deck cleaning techniques to ensure no damage is done in the process.  For example, using to much pressure when power washing your deck, can cause irreversible visible damage.  A-1 Cleaning Solutions uses low pressure combined with the proper soap solutions to safely and effectively clean your deck. Using a professional pressure washing and deck cleaning service can save you time and money when it comes to your home and property maintenance.  Using a professional pressure washing service can keep your property and deck looking great all year long with the comfort of knowing it’s cleaned properly.  A-1 Cleaning Solutions only uses state of the art equipment and soap solutions for both wood and composite deck cleaning.  


​​When it comes to using a surface cleaning service on your property, it is very important that the proper equipment and process is being used.  Whether your exterior cleaning involves cleaning concrete or a wood deck, the proper equipment and procedure is the only way to get the job completed correctly.  A-1 Cleaning Solutions uses the the proper equipment to clean all and any exterior surfaces.  Our industry leading surface cleaners combined with hot water leaves nothing but only the best results pressure washing.  Using hot water combined with our state of the art surface cleaners gives the best results of any other surface cleaning service in the industry.

When it comes to cleaning wood, concrete or composite decks, the right soap solutions combined with the proper power washing is essential in getting the best end results.  Choosing the best surface cleaning service is the first and most important factor in maintaining your home or businesses exterior.

Pressure Washing VS sOFT WASHING