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No job or job site is too dirty for our professional staff.

Pressure washing technology can be used to clean a variety of surfaces. Pressure washing your home or business shows other's that you take pride in your presentation.

Residential pressure washing services not only makes your home more beautiful, but it protects it as well. Dirty surfaces on the exterior can be hazardous, grime and buildup can increase the risk of serious dangers like fire or water damage. We solely use professional-grade detergents that are specially designed to remove years of dirt, mold, mildew and other airborne pollutants. This method doesn't just eliminate stains, it also kills growth to prevent it from rearing it's ugly head in the future. Before we begin cleaning, we will determine the square footage of the area that is to be cleaned, what cleaning solutions will be used, and whether heat cleaning will be required. The pressure will be adjusted to the proper power to insure your surface is cleaned thoroughly-without damaging the surface. We also provide pressure washing wood and vinyl fence.

Commercial power washing services includes exterior building cleaning as well as outdoor concrete surfaces such as parking lots and walkways, proper cleaning will give your business a polished clean image. A-1 Cleaning Solutions uses the amazing added benefit of hot water for most commercial pressure washing service.  Using hot water in place of cold water gives the extra cleaning power needed to combat the horse elements that are exposed to commercial areas.  Lifting gum, removing oil, and heavy staining from sidewalks and surrounding areas is next to impossible without the added use of hot water.  A-1 Cleaning Solutions has specific applications including special detergents to combat any commercial power washing needs.  Another main ingredient for successful commercial pressure washing, is the power washer itself.  A-1 Cleaning Solutions only uses professional commercial grade power washers that are needed to get the job done right and efficient.  All of our machines are trailer mounted units that are capable of handling the most demanding commercial power washing needs.  Our power washers use 8 gallon per min pumps which allow us to use a high volume of water when power washing in commercial areas.  The higher water volume means the cleaner and more efficient the job will be.  Whether its a small storefront, a large strip mall, or a 5 story plus building, A-1 Cleaning Soltions has the proper commercial power washing methods to get you clean again.  
​Our eco-friendly building pressure washing complies with federal and local water regulations. We offer regular maintenance programs that will fit any budget.
​We work closely with building management, realtors, and management companies to p
rovide you with the best possible maintenance service your building or home is in need of.



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